Saturday, March 06, 2010


It's the 3rd day since Bee and I got back to KL, but I'm still jetlagged. :(

I've been dozing off around 8pm and waking up before 8am everyday. My body seems to refuse to adjust itself to the local time, even with the sleeping aid I'm using.

Another obvious symptom is fatigue. I pretty much spend the whole day drifting in and out of sleep because I simply do not have the energy to do much of anything else.

All I do in the day is to eat and sleep. I'd wake up briefly for food, and maybe a quick banter with Bee, then go straight back to napping for another few hours.

That's how tired I am.

I'm exhausted, from doing absolutely nothing at all.

The thing is, I've never even suffered from jetlag before.

(And c'mon, let's face it, it isn't exactly that long a journey to travel from Melbourne to KL.)

Is it a sign of aging? I wonder.

Many friends have complained about the same thing.

In the past, to make the most out of our vacation, many of us would maximise our time away by heading straight to the airport after we finish work on the last day and only return to Melbourne the day before we have to start work again. Heck, some of us even went straight back to work barely a few hours after we landed.

Not sure if anyone else does this, but this has been a common practice among my circle of friends. Or are we just a weird bunch? :|

But as we age, most of us are starting to find that it has become increasingly difficult to continue doing so. Our bodies seem to be taking longer to recover from the trip and to adjust back to resuming our daily routine.

Whilst we used to only need a good overnight sleep to feel fresh and ready to start work again, now we might need a whole week to awaken those dormant brain cells and get into the swing of things again.


Oh well. We only get older, right?

Maybe I should admit that our young carefree years are over and follow the footsteps of my friends, to allow a longer cool-off period before and after each trip for our aging (such a sad word!) bodies to rest and recuperate.


Bee and I still haven't booked our return ticket to Melbourne yet, so maybe that should be taken into consideration when we do.

For now, I shall join my (even older) husband for another afternoon nap before we head out to dinner.


Have a good weekend, people!