Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bee's Here

To be more precise, he's sleeping like a piggy on my bed now.

The poor guy is exhausted since we've had a long day running around town and he didn't get much sleep on the plane last night.

After we got home from the airport, he barely napped for 15 minutes before I had to wake him up for lunch. We had an appointment scheduled to meet with my accountant in the afternoon, to evaluate this business we were interested in buying.

After going though some documents, we were advised against it. The business isn't doing as well as it seems on the paper, and my accountant is not optimistic about the outlook.

Despite being disappointed, we're glad that the accountant pointed us in the right direction. His advice certainly helped to clear up our indecisiveness for the past few weeks.

I guess now we can finally put everything aside and concentrate on enjoying our holiday!

But first, let me go wake my boyfriend up so he can take me out for supper.