Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cheap Pillows and Shopping

Today, we had lovely weather for a change.

Bee's observation #1: Sundays are mostly sunny.

As stupid as that sounded to me at first, I now realise that there is, in fact, some truth in it.

After a late brunch at Tai Pan, I was in a fairly good mood to shop. A good night's sleep and a nice meal can do that to me sometimes. Plus we needed to get more pillows to accommodate my guest's fussy needs. Hehe.

We stopped by my place to leave our takeaway dim sums in the fridge before we headed out to DFO in Cheltenham. The cheapos in us (read: Bee) didn't wanna spend too much on the pillows since we'll only be using them for another week or so.

By the time we reached DFO, it was nearly closing time. I immediately put the shopaholic in me to work, and in the span of 30 minutes, I managed to snap up a white flowy top and a belt from Witchery, 2 polo tees from Tommy Hilfiger, and 2 pillows from Adairs.

All for under AUD400! *Self pats on back*

The victorious feeling only lasted until we got home and I started to realise how unnecessary these purchases were. The clothes will only take up more space in my luggage, and the pillows, well, they're crap! Not only were they not comfortable, they nearly distorted our necks and backbones after a night's sleep.

Lesson of the day: Do not buy cheap pillows, you'll only end up regretting it with a sore neck. x_x