Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 1 - Launceston

Waiting to take off in departure hall

We touched down at Launceston just before 5pm.

Made a dash for the Hertz counter because, you see, we're really spontaneous travelers and we didn't bother making a reservation. :P

After we collected the keys for our rented car, I suddenly sensed that something was missing. Where were our luggages?! We had completely forgotten to collect our baggages!

Another mad dash back to the arrival hall, and there they were - the last two uncollected suitcases looking oh-so-sad. Yes yes yes, we're the two irresponsible owners who conveniently forgot all about you. *Hides head in shame*

By the time we loaded our luggages into the rented car, the sun had gone down and it was dark all around. Damn winter!

In Tassie, there's no comprehensive street directory like Melway, or at least we weren't provided with one. Instead, we were given this pathetic piece of paper with an amateurish map as directions to our hotel. -_-"

But thanks to yours truly, the genius navigator, and her vague memory of Launie, we managed to find our way to the hotel and check in before their reception was closed for the day. Phew!

Went to pick up Allan and his girlfriend for dinner at the only Chinese restaurant I know of in town - Dynasty. I had missed Allan, we've always been close since young and it's weird that I won't be seeing him at home when I go back to Swan City this time.

Missed a turn on the way to dinner and we ended up on the highway which took us all the way back to the airport again. @_@ Why is there no u-turns and street lights in Launie?

The latter, Allan said it's to prevent "light pollution" (whatever that means). I can understand if it's to minimise power consumption, but "light pollution"? Well, forgive my ignorance, but what is a little "light pollution" compared to increased risk of road accidents? :|

Bee and I unloaded a full suitcase of Asian groceries and sweets at Allan's place after dinner. It's a general rule that those who head down South to the woop woop land, must bear Oriental gifts. Haha.

By the time we left Allan's place, all the shops were closed, including the Subway around the corner. With no other choices, Bee and I had to pick up some croissants, salad, ham and milk from the nearest Coles for our supper. We're becoming rather fond of our home made croissant sandwiches. Haha.

After a quick shower, we hopped right into bed and watched Hell's Kitchen on TV. It felt real late when in truth, it was only 10pm.

Ahh, the simple and quiet small town life. How could I forget?