Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Santa Bee is Coming to Town

It's my first day being unemployed.

It feels rather empty, to wake up knowing that you don't have to be anywhere specific that day and the world goes on just fine without you. Now I understand why most retirees experience depression at some point after they stop working.

Luckily Bee is coming over tomorrow to keep me company. AND to make sure that I go back to Malaysia as promised. :D

I only gave him the green light to travel over the weekend after my mum's checkup results came back to be normal. So for the past few days, the obliging boyfriend's been busy booking tickets, packing luggages, and doing some last minute shopping for his unemployed girlfriend.

On my end, I've fulfilled my duty as a good girlfriend by spending the whole day cleaning up my room. Can't have my Bee sleeping in a pig sty, can I? *Snorts snorts*

My room's been like a war zone for the past few weeks when I put all my focus on finishing up things at work. I didn't know how dusty it was until I started vacuuming. It was absolutely filthy!

I've done as much as I can, and I'm calling it a day. My bottom is hurting, coz I fell from the chair while trying to stuff things into my closet. x_x

Enough rambling. I better hurry up, take a shower and go to bed. Gotta wake up real early tomorrow morning to pick Bee up from the airport.

Goodnight, sweetie. See ya tomorrow!