Saturday, April 26, 2008

An Uneventful Saturday

We woke up incredibly early this morning because we had to get to Hertz in the city by 8.30am.

The service was surprisingly efficient given the crowd, we got our new contract fixed up in less than 30 minutes.

Now you've got two sleepy Bees all dressed up and nowhere to go.

I texted Wen to see if she wanted to have breakfast.

No reply. Fair enough, who else would wake up so early on a chilly Saturday?

Come to think of it, for the whole time we know each other, Wen and I have never even had breakfast together on a weekend before 2pm.

With no reply from Wen, Bee and I drove down to St Kilda Beach because, "theoretically", I thought it would be fun to go for a walk on the beach.

What I didn't take into consideration was - Bee didn't have his jacket with him, and I was wearing a little black dress on a gloomy autumn day. And honey, nobody goes for a walk on the beach in heels! -_-"

True enough, Bee and I retreated back to the car almost immediately after being tackled head on by strong wind from the ocean. Haha. Thank goodness Wen had replied by then and agreed to go to breakfast.

After much miscommunication and indecisiveness, we finally met up with Wen in Lygon and had a hearty breakfast. Nothing feels better on such a cold morning than a full big breakky and a pot of hot earl grey tea. Oh, plus lots of gossiping and giggling with your girlfriends (and the boyfriend, who was amazed by how much/fast girls can talk).

With a full and satiated tummy, I was ready to hit the shops. But first, I needed to change outta my stupid dress into something warmer.

The tentative plan was to send Wen back, go home to get my jacket, and head over to Chaddy. But the moment we got back to my very warm room with my very comfy bed, I knew that the plan was out the window.

"You wanna go back to sleep, don't you?" Bee teased when he saw me picking up my smelly pillow.

In order to not let the day go by completely wasted and unproductive, I got online and booked us tickets to Tasmania. We're leaving on Tuesday, 29 April 2008.

Now that I've got something ticked off my to-do list, I guess I'm allowed to go cuddle up in bed with my cute boyfriend and enjoy a very lazy Saturday.

Later, peeps!