Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jetting Off to Tasmania

Our flight to Launceston is at 3:50pm today and I'm only booking our accommodation now. All hail the queen of procrastinators! -_-"

Bee and I only started sketching out our tentative itinerary last night, hence the last minute bookings. He's looking at our accommodation options for tonight as we speak. Haha.

Luckily we're only going for a short trip, otherwise we're seriously screwed.

Day 1: Arriving Launceston

Day 2: Launceston --> Drive up to St Helens

Day 3: Bays of Fires --> Drive to Hobart

Day 4: Hobart

Day 5: Departing Hobart

I haven't been back to Hobart for more than 2 years now. Wonder if it has changed at all?

And the last time Bee and I went on a trip around Tassie with my mum and Allan, was after my graduation 3 1/2 years ago. Geez, time sure flies huh?

Alrighty, I better pluck myself outta nostalgic thoughts and start packing our luggages before we miss our flights. Off to print out our hotel reservations now! :D

Later, fellas!