Monday, April 28, 2008

Trip to Ballarat

We drove to Ballarat today.

As usual, Bee and I started the day late. People like us really shouldn't travel in winter, it gets dark way too early and the days are ridiculously short.

By the time we reached Ballarat and had our lunch at Beechworth Bakery (whose pies are seriously overrated, I must say), it was 3pm and suddenly started raining really heavily. To think it was so sunny just 15 minutes ago. Well, that's Melbourne for ya. *Shrugs*

While Bee and I were contemplating whether or not to just call it a day and drive back to Melbourne straightaway, the sun came out shining ever so brightly. It was as if it had never rained just moments ago. And throughout the whole afternoon, it kept on playing this "now it's sunny, now it rains" game with us, which REALLY was annoying. Not funny, Melbourne!

We popped by Sovereign Hill and the Gold Museum for a bit. Is it just me or does Sovereign Hill really give out this eerily vibe in a sad way?

It was no doubt both educational and interesting to see the (recreated) 19th century goldfields township, but time sure was hard back then and it's difficult to watch. Especially when I saw the Golden Point Chinese Camp which was set up for the protection of Chinese miners. I was nearly reduced to tears listening to the presentation about how the Chinese migrants had to stick together and helped each other out because their presence was not welcomed by the locals.

Sometimes it does take a lil reminding to remember how lucky we are these days huh?

Pleasant weather on our way there

New York Bakery

The main street

Horse carriage

Silly Bee taking pictures of our silhouettes

Ticketing office for coaches to Melbourne

Kids in costume (what a cool extra-curricular activity huh?)

We befriended a horse with gentle eyes

Beware! Swamp water for horses only (Beware?)

Giant gold nugget

Dr. Wakefield's freaky examination room

The drug store