Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Secret Stash of Cash

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret today.

Due to my impressive ability in procrastinating, I still do not have my own personal current account in Malaysia to this day. And I've been talking about setting one up since the age of 18.

Yes, sometimes I amaze myself too.

So, I keep my money in a drawer by the bed, or more precisely, in a yellow envelope that I also keep my plane tickets in. The primitive caveman way, thank you very much.

After each of my visits to the money changer to exchange my Australian dollar, I'd "deposit" my new Malaysian Ringgit into the yellow envelope. On days that I'm not stealing notes from Bee's wallet or dragging him along as my walking ATM, I'd simply reach into the cash drawer, as I call it, and "withdraw" my moolah.

Simple, easy, and straightforward. Except that the yellow envelope is incapable of warning me about remaining balance after each withdrawal.

Today, I reached my hand into my faithful drawer as usual, and realised that I have no Ringgit left!

Yes I haven't been to the money changer since Australian dollar took a hit, but I already had quite a decent amount of Ringgit tucked away before that. And now, there's only Aussie dollars left in the envelope, staring back at me with a mocking smile.

I slumped onto the bed like a deflated balloon, feeling all defeated and thinking, "Where did all my money go?"

"Um, how many unopened shopping bags have you got lying around the room? How much is each of those worth?" My husband muttered under his breath as he walked past me with a toothbrush in his mouth.

Point taken.

I frantically emptied my wallet and counted the cash I have left.

RM87 and some loose change. That's not even enough to pay for a decent 3-course lunch!

I guess now I have the following options:
  1. Exchange my AUD at a pathetic rate of RM2.3, and forget about the glorious RM3.3 it was trading at.
  2. Leech off my husband and live with the guilt of spending way too much money on shoes since I can no longer hypnotise myself by saying, "Hey, I worked hard for that money!".
  3. Stop shopping at the malls and start shopping in my many unopened shopping bags.
So much for being financially independent huh? *Sighs deeply*

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fuzkittie said...

Hehe.. man I hate the feeling of having to ask somebody for something. It's a different story though if they hand things to me. :p

emotionalistic said...

Do you have a credit card? Get a supplementary card from Bee :P. *Kidding*

iamthewitch said...

I'm so jealous of you! At least you have someone to leech from. :P And may I say, no need to feel guilty!

Josephine said...

I have accounts in Malaysia.
But I always don carry much much with me. So, when I really need monye, i'll tell my dear that "Dear ar, I have only Sing Dollar, do u mind paying for me first?"

Tine said...

Oh how I hear you. Thank God I still have my own account in M'sia, which I can use whenever I go back. Over here, I have an Australian account, but with minimal amount that the husband automatically transfer every week. I do feel as though my independence is somehow stripped off too.

On the other hand, a supplementary credit card is fantastic ;)

sdovelly said...

Oh me too! i keep my cash in an envelope laying in my wardrobe, conventional way huh? i don't use much cash as most of the time i use card- for petrol, shop & dine. cash mainly act as pocket money for small transactions (after my ragut incident). i agree, get a sup card gal, most of the cards is offering free for life now!

prettybeautiful said...

hmmm i get what u mean. well, u can have a combo of: leeching hubby off.. and go slow on shopping!:D win-win situation. hehe

Doreen said...

Yeah, the credit crunch has a real big hit on almost everyone. I too have to go slow on my shopping and dining habit. Well, don't feel bad leeching off your hubby, just think that it is a temporary thing.

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: Mr T is a pretty generous husband, so I don't really have to ask. I just don't quite like the feeling that my independence is, somehow, being stripped away from me. Damn this new age woman thing that's been infused into us! Women should be able to live off their husbands guilt-free! Maybe we'll have a higher chance of living happily ever after without our conscience huh? Haha.

Emotionalistic: All my credit cards are Australian, so using them is equivalent to converting AUD into RM. But of course, that hasn't really stopped me from swiping them. *Blushes*

Iamthewitch: Haha. I'm trying to drum that into my head, "Don't feel guilty! Don't feel guilty!"

Josephine: Haha. As long as he doesn't pull the same line on you whenever he's in Singapore, I say don't worry about it. :P

MisSmall said...

Tine: Mr T actually mentioned something about a supplementary card a few months back. I didn't think much of it since it reminded me of the days when I was still using daddy's plastic. The idea of someone else looking through my credit card statement and knowing exactly how I've been spending my money doesn't quite appeal to me. I'm telling you, this whole new age woman thing is seriously messing with my head. :|

Sdovelly: Haha. I didn't think that anyone else would use such a primitive way, but I guess great minds think alike? :P

Prettybeautiful: That's not a bad idea, actually. Guess I have to steer clear of the malls from now on, I have zero resistance towards temptations and there are sales EVERYWHERE! :/

Doreen: I know right? I used to be able to buy almost anything without thinking twice because of the strong exchange rates, and now I feel so ripped off. *Sobs sobs*