Saturday, May 15, 2010


It was auction day for the lake house today.

Bee and I were fashionably late, as usual.

Even though we had decided to not bid on the house, it was still hard to watch the auction.

A little like attending an ex boyfriend/girlfriend's wedding ceremony. It feels so, final.

The house went for nearly 100 grand over than what the vendor asked for.

Though the final price is pretty much what I predicted (Bee has seriously gotta start believing that I have an eye for real estate!), but unfortunately not the amount of money we are ready to pay for a house with a land of that size.

You should also know that the proud owner of the house is a young Chinese couple in their 20s. Or early 30s, at the most. And they simply paid nearly a million bucks for a property without so much as a blink!

What can I say? The brutal buying power of the Chinese.

Guess Rudd's government new policy on foreigner ownership of Australian assets doesn't have as much (or as quick) an impact as it had hoped to achieve on the raising property prices that just won't slow down.

After the auction, Bee and I went to a few more inspections, but our hearts were just not in it anymore.

So instead, we went to get some authentic Malaysian food to cheer ourselves up. I had fish head vermicelli, while Bee had roti canai and this awesome beef rendang which made him one happy diner!

And now, we are ready to crawl under the blanket, get warm, and dream away about the house by the lake that we didn't get.

Maybe another day.

Some other day, some other house.

The search continues.

The dream continues.