Saturday, May 01, 2010


Today, I bailed on Bee on our usual Saturday routine - house hunting.

For some weird reason, I was feeling so weak and tired this morning that I couldn't even get outta bed.

It's either that I've re-caught the virus that's been going around and making everyone sick, or it's because of the new sleeping tablets I'm trying out. My guess is the latter. :|

Oh well. *Shrugs*

On a normal day, Bee would have just obliged and slept in with me if I wasn't up for it.

But today, the man was feeling so unusually motivated that he actually decided to head out to the scheduled property inspections all by himself!

*Raises eyebrows*

To be honest, I was rather impressed.

Even though he normally goes to house inspections by himself on weekdays anyways, it was still pretty impressive that he could resist staying in the warm bed on such a cold weekend day to go out all by himself.

I know I wouldn't!

So after he left the house, I sneaked out of bed, made myself a big cup of tea, and sneaked back to bed with my favourite macadamia shortbreads.

I then spent the rest of the day with my current obsession - Brothers and Sisters.

I mean, a show with beautiful people, beautiful sceneries, beautiful clothes and beautiful homes. What's there not to love?

And like everything else that one truly enjoys, time just flew by as I went through episode after episode.

Until my husband stormed in with egg tarts and the word "ANGRY" spelled on his forehead in capital letters (which were mutually exclusive, by the way) , all red faced while huffing and puffing like a steam engine.

Apparently he got into a shouting match with another driver on the road because the bogan honked him when it was Bee's right of way and the moron's bitchy wife was really rude with her, um, hand gestures.

They were shouting at each other, racing plus cutting each other off all the way from Doncaster to Glen Waverley, for Christ's sakes!

And this is the reason why I should've known better before encouraging my hot-headed husband into getting a turbo charged car!!

(But oh do I love our new car! *Sighs*)

I could only thank God that it didn't escalated into a full blown road rage situation!

It's hard to imagine how an usually mild mannered man like Bee can sometimes be so short tempered on the road. It's almost like, spontaneous combustion!

I'm telling ya, there's a weird chemistry between men and driving.

And I call it testosterone.