Monday, May 24, 2010


Starting work at 8am on a Monday so didn't help with my Mondayitis.

And as the weather gets colder and colder by the day, it gets harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning. Oh why do I have to leave my warm and comfy bed to go out to the cold harsh world to entertain annoying people and their annoying problems?! *Sighs*

I know it's my duty of care, or so they told us in school, but after last week, I seriously don't give a rat's ass!

The silver lining of the week is that one of my most annoying staff is away for holiday, and she won't be back for another 4 weeks, so that's one less idiot I have to put up with all day long. Oh God knows how glad I am! My threshold is running real thin at the moment, I'm telling ya!

Anyhoo, the training this morning was real lame. I honestly don't understand why I had to sit through the whole thing.

If it wasn't because I had to be there to open up the place for the staff, I could have slept in for an extra 45 minutes, which would have been so much more fulfilling than staring blankly and nodding along. *Rolls eyes*

The rest of the day was just ordinary. We were pretty busy, but there weren't that many outstandingly annoying people, so I guess we will call it a good day? *Shrugs*

After work, Bee and I had to rush all the way across town for another private viewing of the house we saw over the weekend. Tonight, we invited Bee's uncle along for a second opinion.

To be honest, the second viewing didn't really do much to change my opinion about the house.

I mean, it's a house that ticks all the right boxes, but for some reason, I'm just not feeling it.

Maybe because it was a cold and wet night, the agent was running 15 minutes late, and I was tired and pissed off about work, but regardless of the reason(s) behind it, everyone could clearly see my disinterest in the house.

(Yes, I suck big time at disguising my emotions. Surprise! *Note the sarcasm*)

I'm starting to think that the problem with me not "feeling" the house might lie with the fact that I'm not too fond about some of the renovations the vendors have done.

Nothing major though, just a few minor details here and there.

The finishing of certain parts of the house is not quite to my taste, and it feels like a waste of money to pay for something that was newly done up (the renovations would've been factored into the price of the house) only to waste more money to re-do them again, no?

Bee seemed rather disappointed that my feelings about the house haven't been swayed by a second viewing, so I lured him to more authentic Malaysian food for dinner to distract him. Sometimes the way to a man's heart is really through the stomach, girls!

I guess we are going to sleep on it and think it over tonight, and hopefully, a glorious solution will come to us tomorrow!

Night night, people!