Monday, May 17, 2010


It can't be a good sign if you feel like kicking and screaming everytime when you have to get ready to go to work.

I can still remember those days, once upon a time, when I used to actually feel excited about going to work. What the heck happened?!

I'd like to think that I don't hate my job that much per se.

I mean, I do like what I do, especially when I feel like I'm actually making a small difference in someone else's life, but my current screwed-up work environment is seriously sucking away the last bit of enthusiasm left in me.

I used to console myself by thinking that it's only a temporary thing and I only have to put up with it till things become, well, more permanent.

But after yet another dream went poof, I simply do not know what to think anymore.

It's one thing to bear with the shittiness when you have a timeline in mind, it's a whole different other thing to just try to push through it day in and day out not knowing when you can get outta it.

I feel stuck.

And all I wanna do is to pull my hair out and scream.