Sunday, May 02, 2010


I am such a klutz today!

Not that I'm normally any better, but boy I'm just out of control today!

Before we get into the story of me being a total klutz, I'd like to briefly mention that I just witnessed another episode of shocking buying power of the Chinese today, and man was it brutal!

Bee and I attended the auction of a property that we quite liked but weren't planned on bidding. The location of the house was fantastic, but the layout, eh, not so much.

Still, we were curious (read: nosy) about how much the auction would fetch.

We arrived at the auction late, and it was only down to 3 bidders. All Asian! @@

And of course, in the end, the house went to a young Chinese family, hence the title of this sidetrack story - The Brutal Buying Power of Chinese in Australian Real Estate. :|

Anyhoo, Bee and I went to Westfield for lunch and did a little shopping at David Jones.

He wanted a jacket, but didn't find anything he likes even though I thought one of them looked smashingly trendy on him. Men can be so hard to please at times huh? *Shrugs*

I really liked this body balm by Aesop that has a very refreshing citrusy scent to it, but decided against it because one of my new year resolution is to stop buying beauty products because I never use them!

Knowing me, I'll probably go back there next week and buy it anyway, but hey, at least I refrained today huh?

We did our weekend grocery shopping in Box Hill while waiting for one of the real estate agents to call us back (which he never did, by the way *Rolls eyes*).

But we stocked up on lots and lots of Asian snacks and cookies, so I'm happy. *Grins*

When we got home, Bee and I were struggling to get all the shopping bags out of the car when I accidentally dropped one of them, and a bottle of light soy sauce in the bag broke.

The whole glass bottle just shattered into pieces, and there was soy sauce everywhere!

Bee and I managed to clean up most of the broken glass pieces, but not the pool of soy sauce on the floor. So you if find a large patch of dried up soy sauce in the car park tomorrow morning, you probably live in my building!

When we got back to the house and tried to unpack the groceries, I just couldn't stop dropping things. One after another! I swear, I wasn't doing it on purpose. It was almost like, once you pop, you can't stop!

It's either my "klutz button" has been triggered, or I was still traumatised by the light soy sauce incident. *Shrugs*

And when I was trying to pretend to be a domesticated wife by cooking a simple dinner for my husband, there was just stuff flying everywhere in the kitchen and landing on the floor. I cut my finger too while chopping up some vegies. :(

Oh I sure hope that this klutz-phase goes away soon, 'cause I'm sick of feeling so clumsy!

Back to cooking (read: dropping things) I shall.

Wish me luck, people!