Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was a really quiet day at work.

Which is weird, given that 'tis the season that everyone gets sick.

Maybe the weather played a part too. It was a cold rainy day, the kind of day that you would rather stay in bed and not go anywhere else.

Especially if you are sick, I guess. *Shrugs*

The quiet day was very much what I needed though.

I've been feeling so over-stressed and overwhelmed lately that I seriously think I'm gonna crack if I don't get a breather!

And today, for a change, I actually don't have an ignorant retard around, whose only job seems to be nagging everyone in sight and creating unnecessary dramas/tension.

Yes, one of my most problematic staff, a Vietnamese aunty in her 50s (I nicknamed her TM) who can't even speak/understand English properly but yet thinks she's all that, is away for 4 weeks of holiday, and boy, is everyone else glad!

Oh what a fresh breath of air! Without the stupidest comments/questions you can think of ringing in your ears all day long.

And the cold weather seemed to have successfully kept away some nasty patients/customers as well. There were still some of them, just not as many.

So it was a pretty easy and breezy day at work, and it put me in a rather peachy mood that I was much less of a bitch when I get off work.

Bee cooked me his infamous aglio olio spaghetti with lemon garlic prawns, and we kicked back to watch a few clips of Border Security before I had to call it a night.

Oh don't we just love a quiet Tuesday night?