Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I forgot the charger for my camera, left it behind in KL.

It honestly still baffles me how could that have happened because I always ALWAYS put the charger back into my laptop bag right after I use it.

Every. Single. Time.

Well, except this one time, I guess. :|

Anyway, it's making its way back to me as we speak.

But know me and being the control freak that I am, of course the story doesn't just stop there.

I have no patience to wait till the charger to arrive, and I feel insecure without a camera (beats me!). The latter really doesn't make any sense at all, because I hardly use my camera.

And trust me when I say "hardly". Most of the times, months could go by and no one even touches the camera. The camera case literally just collects dust.

Like I've said before, both Bee and I are not much a picture-person.

But hey, when a girl wants a camera, she wants a camera!

Especially when it comes to moi. *Points to self*

So Bee took me to get my new camera.

When the sales assistant asked what or which camera we were looking for, I simply said, "The pink one."

Bee thought he heard me wrongly, because that is just completely out of character for me.

It's always been all black and black only when it comes to my gadgets and toys (cars included). I guess I'm not the least bit girly in that department.

Always black. Never silver. Never colour.

But I guess I'm going through a pink phase. For some odd reason that is beyond me.

Last week, I wanted a pink phone! :|

Anyhoo, I got my pink camera now, and I'm happy.


2 left a petal:

Doreen said...

Well, may I just say I am not surprised. Your blog skin has pink! :P

MisSmall said...

True that. Haha! But all my gadgets are black!