Monday, May 28, 2012


I'm a dinosaur when it comes to technology.

Proud and happy to be one at that, might I add.

I still prefer Moleskine notebooks, handwritten cards, and conventional phone calls.

To sum it up, I'm old-school, and much prefer it that way. 

As I always say, I'm an analog girl in a digital world.

Yes, I do own the latest version of Blackberry Bold (no touch screen, hate touch screen phones! And no iPhones, hate iPhones!), but it's more of an accessory than anything.

I mean, up until very recently, the only functions that I used it for were to make phone calls and send text messages. Just like in the old days, remember? When that's all mobile phones are for.

My friend had to forcefully install WhatsApp for me, which I gotta admit I enjoy very much now. And I even use Facebook and Twitter on my phone these days!

So you see, I'm not against technology.

I just don't like changes (old news!), tend to stick to what works, get emotionally attached to old things, and have difficulty moving onto new substitutes.

And as fate would have it, this dinosaur is married to a geek, who loves and embraces technology.

Now we are talking about a man who wants to change all ours doors to RFID locks, insists on installing the food waste disposer in our kitchen sink even though it freaks me out, and wants to turn our house into a "smart home".

Well, I have to say, I enjoy most part of it. The high tech home theater system, the latest biggest largest but thinnest TV, the top-notch kick ass sound system, and maybe even the whole water distiller + filter system.

My problem is, he likes giving me gadgets as presents.

Back when we were still dating, he bought me mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs, laptops, and more electronic devices than I can remember.

But it got worse after we are married. In the past few months alone, he's bought me 2 new laptops, an iPad and an Asus Transformer tablet.

None of which I have laid a finger on. Or even took a close look at.

(Honestly, I wouldn't know how to maneuver them for Pete's sake, and have the slightest interest to.)

I'm perfectly happy with my dinosaur laptop. 

Sure it throws tantrums every now and then, it overheats and shuts down on me (much less often now, in its defence), it refuses to start on some days when it's not in the mood, or it's too slow to process or view some files, but we have a bond.

An emotional bond. For 2 whole years.

Everything is familiar, I'm used to its temper and quirks, all my files and bookmarks are here, and most importantly, my reluctance and resistance to changes.

So yes, I have 2 brand new laptops and 2 barely touched tablets laying around, and I'm still happily using my dinosaur laptop. 

(Though I have a sneaking suspicion that he already did foresee this happening and he actually bought them for himself under the pretense of as gifts to me.)

I think what I should do is to provide my husband with a wishlist of all the non-gadgety things that he can buy me as presents which will bring much more joy to me and hence much more use out of them.

And he should definitely come with me for a fun dinosaur ride in my little analog world.


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Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

MisSmall said...

Anon: No, THANK YOU for leaving a lovely petal. The garden tends to feel really lonely at times and needs some TLC like this. :)