Sunday, May 27, 2012


After I've (sort of) finished with the "accidental" mini project, I got hooked.

Which is not surprisingly at all, really. Given my OCD tendency and addictive personality

So I ambitiously started another project - organising all the files in my laptop and external hard discs (all three of them).

(Stop rolling your eyes. I saw that!)

Well, it turns out to be harder and takes longer and more effort than I initially thought.

You see, other than categorising and sub-categorisng  (sometimes, sub-sub-categorising) them, I have to re-name each and every of them in the exact same way.

Down to the smallest details like punctuations and capital or small letters, even position of the dashes, they have to be EXACTLY the same and perfect.

Yes, I can be that anal. This is the OCD freak in me speaking.

And honestly *whispering*, as much as I enjoy organising, after doing the same thing over and over again for 500 files or so, it does get a little tedious and tiring.

Or I'm just easily bored. *Shrugs*

So I've decided to give myself a break for the coming week. No more organising fun for moi! *Inserts sad face*

I guess I have just as much "Rachel" in me as "Monica" after all. *Grins*

Happy Sunday, everyone!