Friday, May 11, 2012


I stepped on the weighing scale this morning and realised that I've gained at least 5kgs in less than 3 weeks.

For the past few months, my weight has simply been all over the place like an absolute hyperactive yo-yo.

Even my designer called me an unstable balloon.

My body just kept being inflated and deflated, for some reason.

Maybe it's the stress.

Maybe it's age.

I don't know. *Shrugs*

But I guess now is not the time to obsess over it. Yet.

As long as I can "somehow" manage to shed off these extra pounds before our next photo shoot. 

Whenever that might be.

Till then, I believe I have earned my right to just unwind and relax.

And for now, the freedom to spread on as much butter as I wish on my raisin toast.