Saturday, May 12, 2012


I turned down the job offers, against everyone's advice.

Both of them.

One is a permanent position with a promising company. My previous employer, actually.

The other is a locum position to help out a friend who is low in staff at the moment.

Everyone thinks that I should give them a try. Either one. Just get back in the workforce and see how things go and where it takes me.

In this economy and with top competitions flooding our line of work these days (yes, even in healthcare, contrary to popular beliefs), it is almost impossible to have such job offers come knocking on your door without you even looking.

Not one. But two. At the same time.

Mum thinks I should be proud and thankful that I have managed to built myself a reputation in the industry and people really do appreciate my work.

And I do. I really do feel very flattered and grateful, not to mention lucky.

But after obsessing it in my head (typical me) for the past few days, I still decided to say no for now.

No one else could understand why would I give up such opportunities that so many others hope for and will go extra mile for.

Just like how no one else would understand exactly just how tired and exhausted I am at the moment.

The dramas and stress from past few months has really taken a toll on my health. Both physically, and emotionally.

Like I've said before, I just need some time to simply rest, recuperate and recover.

So one day, hopefully, I can be myself again.