Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've missed writing.

I really have.

Didn't even realise how much I do myself until now.

I hope this means I'm back.


3 left a petal:

Ellen said...

It's been a long time! Hope things have changed for the better :) Looking forward to your next update.

MisSmall said...

Ellen: Oh my my! What a pleasant surprise?! Never thought there are people out there who still remembers this little space of mine. Thank you so much for the well wishes and encouragement. It really meant a lot! So, thank you again! *Hugs*

Ellen said...

Aw you're so sweet! Your response makes me smile so much.
To a certain extent I can relate to some of the things you write about, so it's nice to kinda check your blog now and then and see how you're doing. I'm glad if my words in some way can support you. Hey, no need to say thanks!