Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Hair Too Old

Mum's been asking me for a few times now, when am I gonna get a hairdo?

No my hair is not scary, she's just surprised that I haven't been to a hair stylist in over 6 months.

Whenever I came back for summer holidays, I was always running in and out of the hair saloon. Colouring, trimming, treatments, perming, straightening, perming then straightening (don't ask), highlighting, etc. etc..

Mum once said that it's a good thing that she only has one daughter, or else she can't imagine the amount of money that she'll have to spend. Haha!

But this time round, I haven't had anything done to my hair.

I went to get a few trims when I was in KL, but I requested to keep the length and the volume of my hair. Some stylists shook their heads afterwards and said they couldn't tell the difference between "before" and "after". Ha!

I guess I'm getting a little less adventurous with experimenting new things. I dare not put crazy colours and highlights on my hair anymore, or try out a hairstyle that might look gorgeous on the runway but a complete disaster in real life.

These days, I would much rather stick to what works and refuse to explore new possibilities. Shortly put, I am old.

I'm also no longer excited about getting the hottest hair colour of the season, or the hairstyle that's been seen on who and who.

Maybe I got too lazy and comfortable after the long holidays. Maybe now I have real things to worry about in life and hair has dropped out of my priority list. Maybe I've simply outgrown that phase.

I can't remember the last time I max-ed out my credit card to buy something I can't afford. Or the last time I got pissed drunk and passed out. Or the last time I went straight to brunch after a night of club hopping. Or the last time I took a magazine to my hair stylist and told him I wanna look exactly like the model. Or the last time I went on a road trip with only a 5 minutes notice beforehand.

Yeap, adults are such a boring bunch. I am one of them now.

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tuktoyaktuk said...

The day I stopped telling my hairdresser to do what he liked with my hair - colour, perm, new style etc. was the day I thought I grew up too. Also having a suffering bank account helped :) cheer up girl, we all go through periods of choice like this. I'm in one myself. *hugs*

MisSmall said...

Tuktoyaktuk: Thanks, girl! It's times like these that I can't believe we used to be so eager to grow up. :) *Hugs*