Saturday, October 07, 2006

Material Girl

My parents offered me a cheque, of whatever amount that I need before I get a new job in Melbourne.

I turned it down.

For a girl who's never felt bad about spending parents' money, this is a first for me. I guess with my mum being sick and all, I've grown up a little.

Just a little.

I don't want her to keep worrying about me, I want her to think that I can stand on my own feet and take care of myself. I have to be strong now, I can't be the little girl who calls home crying whenever she needs something.

Being (or trying to be) independent is a good thing. But saying no to the cheque also means saying no to a lot of good things for quite a while.

Shopping, to start with. My wish list is getting longer with each passing day.

I'm so broke at the moment that it isn't funny anymore. My parents had to pay for my airfare back to Melbourne because I couldn't afford it.

Being responsible by choice + Being shopaholic by nature = A pauper in making.