Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mango Pudding

I made mango pudding today.

Yeap, the same mango pudding that I made for Bee when I was in KL. Told ya it's one of the very few recipes that I can manage. Haha.

It's also my favourite dessert to order at yum cha. Now that I can make lots of it myself and store them in the fridge, I guess I won't be ordering this as often from now on.

Of course mine looked nothing like the picture above, which is the typical presentation in most Hongkie restaurants. I didn't use a mould for fancy shapes, I serve them individually in small plastic containers with lids. I figured it's more hygienic this way and easier to store them too.

This looks more like my mango pudding. Haha!

Everyone at home was surprised with my new found talent. That pretty much tells you how often I step into the kitchen huh?

My mum jokingly said that I finally made her something edible after 20 over years. Though she was only kidding and didn't mean anything, but I felt really guilty.

I feel like a lousy daughter. Nearly all my life, I've been the little princess who doesn't lift a finger at home. Never actually cooked a meal at home, let alone helping out with house chores.

In fact, I don't even know how to use a lot of the stuff at home, or where most things are kept. That's how lazy I am, at the expense of my very obliging parents and brothers. Of course we have a maid and all, but there are still things that my parents would rather do themselves. But the lousy daughter doesn't even make her own bed or clean up her room.

Yes I am a spoilt brat and I'm feeling really bad about it. The fact that I am gonna leave my family again isn't really helping.

Alrighty, I am gonna spare you guys my emo'ness.

I'm sorry, mum and dad, for not being half the daughter you deserve to have. I love you.

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Jemima said...

Although parents may "lecture", it's because they cared.

Personally, I've learned that parents are very hard to live with. :p

Anonymous said...

Your parents and brothers are so nice, missmall. It sounds that you are really loved at home, spoilt even. :P You are very lucky girl.

MisSmall said...

Jemima: My parents don't really lecture me. They just give unconditionally without even asking for anything in return, which is making me feeling even worse. It just makes me feel so guilty when they wanna do everything for me and give me the best, and I feel like there's so little I can do to pay them back.

Anon: Thanks! I do feel loved, a lot! They never ask anything from me, even the smallest gesture like making mango pudding makes them so happy and proud of me. Haha!

pure_evs said...

you'll be surprised of what you can actually do when you move out and live on your own. I never stepped foot in my mom's kitchen whilst growing up, but now, I can actually cook Msian food without poisoning everyone..heh heh, and I have to agree with Jemima, Parents are hard to live with...hihihi

MisSmall said...

Pure_evs: The thing is, I've been living away from home since I was 19. Haha. And no, I still can't cook. :P

About the living with parents part, I guess it depends on what kind of people the parents are. I agree that some parents are difficult to get along with, but some can be very liberal. So it's really considered on a case by case basic. :)