Thursday, October 19, 2006

Shopaholic Madness

The unspeakable.

I went to Sungai Wang today to pick up a pair of prescription glasses.

Before that, Bee and I stopped by KLCC for lunch and to run some errands for my dad.

In the spirit of not-shopping, I insisted that we leave KLCC immediately after lunch. I have next-to-zero resistance towards temptation, so it was all I could do to avoid looking it in the eyes.

So we rushed into California Pizza Kitchen, grabbed a quick bite, and rushed out to the car park again. No looking at window displays, no talking to sales people, only accelerated walking speed while chanting to myself, "Shopping is evil! Shopping is evil!"

Gosh, I feel like an addict running away from getting a fix. -_-

But It worked! I didn't buy anything at KLCC. *Self pats on back*

HOWEVER, in the span 30 minutes while waiting for my glasses, I still managed to spend all the cash we had. Yeap, we. I never use credit cards in Sungai Wang, so after spending all my Ringgit, I moved on to Bee's wallet.

Bee is a very obliging and generous boyfriend. All he asked was for me to leave him enough cash to pay for parking fees at Sungai Wang and JW Marriott (where we had our dinner).

I did. We had just enough. Haha!

Now I have another pile of stuff which I don't need and probably won't use. And I have to think of a way to lug them back to Melbourne without attracting extra charges on excess baggage. *Sighs*

I'm sorry, babee. I know I went a little overboard today. Thank you for always being so kind and patient with me.

For that, I promise to love you for a very long time to come. Haha. Muacks!

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midnite lily said...

wow... that does sound mad.

btw, i couldn't write this in the curls entry -- but i never had a problem with my hairdresser or the chemicals he uses. i've kept my perm for over 2 yrs now, with maintenance done every 6mths. bsides, there's a way to keep the curls every day, or when you shampoo.

i only pay RM150. its decent a family hairdressing salon.

MisSmall said...

Midnite Lily: I couldn't be bothered to look after m curls, so they're everywhere now. It's a good thing that they look pretty natural so I can actually go out without styling it at all. I figured I'll go for the bedroom hair look. Haha!

midnite lily said...

hehe.. that's fashionable too ^_~

MisSmall said...

Midnite Lily: Haha, one can only hope so. On some days I feel like a desperate housewife who doesn't have time to look after her hair. All in the name of laziness. :P