Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Between two places.

Between the country that I grew up in, and the country that I function better in.

Between people whom I love, and a lifestyle that I love.

Between my loved ones, and my career.

Between living a life that I'll be loved, and a life that I love.

I'm torn.

It feels like I'm standing at the crossroads, clearly knowing that no matter which path I take or which direction I turn, there's bound to be regrets.

I don't know how too choose. I can't choose.

Why do I have to choose?

3 left a petal:

Jemima said...

You have to choose 'cos we always have to make choices in life.

I understand how you're feeling.
I was in the same boat before & actually I think I'm still in the same boat.

Btw, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.
Try & cheer up, my friend. HUGS!

Tummythoz said...

Hihi there! What a dangerous (makes me wanna just zip out there & max out my cr cards!) and chirpy blog u have. But guess I drop by at a not so chirpy time, no? Regrets? Aiyo, when u reach my age, u'll have no time for it. In Cantonese:- kam-mat-mm-chi-deng-yat-si (Today will never know tommorrow's matters/issues/happenings). So, any decision u make, just live it out. Life is short, youth is a zillion times shorter!

MisSmall said...

Jemima: Yeah, maybe we should be thankful that we are given choices in life huh? Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too, girl. :)

Tummythoz: Haha! Thanks for dropping by, make sure you check back when I'm more in a chirpy mode. :P

I do agree that youth is really short, time simply flies after the age of 18. :(