Friday, May 16, 2008

B for Bumming Around

So the two lazy Bees had fallen into their usual nocturnal lifestyle.

Been waking up at 2pm, just in time for the Oprah show. Yeah, due to the absence of internet, we've watched more TV than both of us combined in the past year. Gosh, hasn't it been forever since I last watched daytime TV?

Half way through Ready Steady Cook, IF we're lucky, one of us would reluctantly start getting changed. On a completely irrelevant note, I've liked Peter Everett since his Renovation Rescue days, and I still much prefer him as an interior designer than a cook show host. *Shrugs*

By the time we're done with lunch, it's usually less than an hour before the end of business hours for most places. The two Bees would then perform a mad dash for some last minute shopping. More often than not, a visit to the prepaid internet kiosks is on top of the list to satisfy Bee's internet craving. Just as I predicted, huh?

Since everything closes fairly early, the rest of the day (night, to be exact) is naturally spent bumming around at home. We stay 5 minutes from the CBD, and yet I've only been to the city ONCE. I guess it won't be exaggerating to say that I haven't seen much of Perth at all, I haven't even been to the zoo which is like around the corner from our place. :|

Sounds like a super boring holiday, yes?

Weird enough, it doesn't feel that way.

Well, I'm not sure whether it's due to the comfort of being in our (read: Bee's) own house, or just our sheer laziness that enjoys doing nothing at all, but we're actually extending our stay in Perth. From one week, to indefinitely. Haha!

Till one of us could actually be bothered to book our tickets back to Melbourne, I guess we're stuck here for a while ey?

Peace out, people.