Friday, May 09, 2008

Leaving for Perth

Gotta leave for airport in an hour and our luggages are not even packed.

Shouldn't have unpacked when we got back from Tasmania huh? Haha. That's my laziness talking.

We'll be touching down just before midnight in Perth, which is like 2am in Melbourne. Big thanks to the time difference, otherwise we'd feel really bad for having Bee's uncle come pick us up at wee hours.

I'm really excited about this trip actually. Can't wait to finally see the place Bee grew up in, and do some catching up on those years in his life that I've missed. It's hard for me to picture that he was once a shy teenage boy in his green Wesley uniforms, or a hard partying uni student who spent all his time buffing up in gym instead of attending classes.

He shrugged when I asked if he's excited about returning to Perth for the first time since he left in 2000.

How could you not miss a place that you've spent 11 years of your life in? Men can be such emotionless creatures sometimes. :/

I should really get off my butt and start packing.

2 left a petal:

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip. And you should really pack your stuff by now and should blog after you pack your stuff. Didn't your mom teaches you to finish your stuff before you blog? LOL... just kiding ya ^^

Olive Poppy said...

HyperX: My mum doesn't know that I blog. Teehee.