Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy 52-Month Anniversary

After eating out everyday for the past 3 weeks, Bee suggested that we stayed in and cooked our dinner today. It's our "monthiversary", afterall.

Sounded like a really sweet idea, except that we didn't have any recipes in mind, and only woke up at 3pm. By the time we had lunch and rushed to the nearest Woolworths, it was 20 minutes before closing. -_-"

After some hard labouring in the kicthen, our dinner was served just before midnight. The menu consists of:

My I-Have-Not-Cooked-in-4-Years Stuffed Mushrooms

Bee's Supposedly-Mussels-But-Could-Not-Find-Any Chilli Prawns

Served with bread rolls and lots of love. :D

I guess Bee finally understands why I don't cook much. I get really (and I mean REALLY) cranky when it's hot in the kitchen, and I'm extremely bothered by the smell cooking leaves on my hair and clothes.

Happy 52-month anniversary, baby. Please do continue to love your undomesticated girlfriend.