Monday, May 05, 2008

Iron Man

Bee suddenly said yesterday, "I think we should go on a date, sweetie. Let's go watch a movie tonight."

I was caught off guard, "Okayyyy....let me check what movies are on."

He said without a blink, "Iron Man!"

Ahh, now that explains it. -_-

Luckily, yours truly is a fan of superhero movies too. If he had suggested a bang-bang-bang-the-end action movie or another Keanu Reeves' film, I would've cracked it.

While we're on the subject, I might as well mention that Street Kings sucked big time! Bee was really looking forward to it because of his idol - Keanu Reeves; I watched it because of mine - Hugh Laurie. But the movie has such a crappy storyline that no amount of stars could make up for it. So regardless of the cast's potential ability, I still think that it was a complete waste of money!

On the contrary, I thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man. It was so good that although I've never particularly liked Robert Downey Jr., I really enjoyed his engaging performance in this movie. The thing I like most about the story is, it's believable. An ordinary man got caught up in the wrong situation trying to make the best out of it sans natural superpower. I love how he wasn't just "given" the power but he actually worked for; and y'all should know that I'm attracted to brainy guys with talents. The movie pressed all the right buttons for me, so it gets 2 thumbs up from moi. :D

Definitely a must-watch!