Friday, May 23, 2008

King's Park

This is the only remotely decent photo I have of King's Park.

We actually went there twice, with both trips lasted less than an hour in total.

The first evening we were there, the view was absolutely spectacular! The pale full moon was clearly visible and lowly hung in the rosy pink sky of sunset. The sky was a canvas of gorgeous pastel colours - pink, lavender, baby blue, cold yellow, violet, etc., harmoniously layered and reflected on the silky surface of Swan River.

It was picturesque! And we didn't bring our camera. Bah!

So we opted for a hot chocolate from the cafe and the many mosquito bites we got from sitting on the bench as it was getting dark. Here's a tip if you're going to King's Park in the evenings, bring insect repellent, or you risk feeding yourself to those little blood suckers!

The second time, we got there 10 minutes before the night fell. I wonder why, since the place is only 5 minutes drive from Bee's place, and we pretty much spent the whole day doing nothing. :/

This time, we brought our camera, but there was no moon in sight and the view wasn't half as nice. Double bah!

In the span of few minutes after we reached the park, it had gone from this

to this

and then to this!

(Our lousy camera wasn't helping either.)

Two trips, and I didn't even get to see the skywalk! Not. Happy.

Next time, I wanna go to King's Park during the day! *Pouts*