Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Day in the Sun

It was a bright sunny day when we woke today, so the two lazy Bees decided to not let it go to waste.

One can't go to Perth without tasting the infamous fish and chips, and it was such a nice day to have lunch in the sun. So, where else to go but Fremantle, which is only a 20-minutes drive away from Bee's place.

I lugged my oversized bag and jumped into the car excitedly, completely forgetting about the camera. We ended up going to Freo on such a beautiful day, and came back with not even a single picture. :/

The town was crowded with weekenders enjoying warm sunlight and cold beers, the lively atmosphere was almost infectious. We had to make a few rounds before we finally found a parking space.

Cicerello's was full, so we tried out Kailis Fish Market Cafe instead.

Bee's Chilli Crab was nothing to shout about, but the fish in my Seafood Delight was absolutely sensational! It was, by far, the best deep fried fish fillet I've ever tasted!

Too full for another serving, we both vowed to come back again just to have the traditional Fish 'N' Chips. Oh trust me, it's THAT good.

The alfresco area of Kalli's was right at the edge of the jetty, overlooking the wharf, and the view was magnificent! Lots of luxurious yachts were parked at the jetty, for the owners to enjoy their fish and chips on the sun decks.

Bee and I sat by the bay. As the light sea breezes ruffled my hair and the sun rays brightly reflected off the blue ocean, I started to dread going back to spending my weekends in shopping malls in Malaysia.

But when oh when can I own one of these myself?