Monday, May 18, 2009

Leaving Autumn in Melbourne

I'm leaving for the airport in an hour's time but I'm only beginning to pack now.

All in the grand tradition of procrastinating! :P

My day was spent running some last-minute errands, picking up a few things that I've ordered for Bee from a friend's shop, and having a long lunch (which eventually turned into afternoon tea) with an ex-colleague and her new baby.

It's funny how I've been doing going-away lunches and dinners with friends over the past few days when I haven't even finished my round of welcome-back dinners with all of them.

People's been asking why am I going away again so soon after I came back to Melbourne.

I shrugged and smiled, "Why not?"

There really isn't a way to make me seem less of a spoilt brat than what I already am, so I guess it's all I could do to not seem like a victim too.

Sometimes, it's easier to be perceived as irresponsible than weak, just like how it's easier to drop out than to admit defeat.

I'll be back in 5 weeks (hopefully), and we can start doing a new round of welcome-back dinners.

Till then.