Monday, June 15, 2009

Be Careful What Your Heart Wishes For

'Cause they might just come true.

You know how every girl secretly wishes that we could do nothing but just stay in bed and binge on ice-cream and cakes all day, guilt-free?

Well, guess what? All you have to do is to have your wisdom teeth removed and, voila!

All of a sudden, you no longer have to feel bad about eating too much ice-cream because it's rightfully prescribed by the doctor.

Even the person who normally nags you endlessly about eating a healthy diet *hints hints* will now have to zip da lips because you're simply following doctor's orders. How cool is that? Haha.

And because your face literally look like one, you have every right to just laze around and be a couch potato. *Points at self - Miss Potatohead*

Tempted yet?

Just give your dentist a call and book in that appointment, darlings.

*Evil laughs*

Anyhoo, since I was bored out of my mind, I decided to show you what's on the menu for me today.

I had fat-free yoghurt and a huge cup of fresh fruit juice this morning. It's prolly the healthiest breakfast I've had in a long long time.

This butter cake is so fine and smooth that it literally melts in your mouth, which is perfect for me since it requires minimal chewing. Haha.

Bee got me this frozen mille crêpe thingy to cheer me up on Saturday, after he commented that my face looked like a papaya. :|

They don't look too impressive in pictures, kinda like mouldy cakes? (I know, eww!)

But it actually tastes pretty decent, much like frozen ice-cream cakes.

Speaking of which, time for ice cream!

I never knew that Bud's Ice Cream of San Francisco is manufactured in Thailand, did you?

Their Cookies and Cream failed to impress though, nothing to shout about.

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup, on the other hand, is in a totally different league.

This picture doesn't do it justice at all, there are huge chunks of chocolate and nuts hidden underneath. Yum!

(Once again, it'd probably help if I could actually chew? *Rolls eyes*)

Friends' been telling me that most of them lost weight while recovering from their wisdom teeth extraction. With a diet like this, I really don't see how that's going to happen to me.

In fact, I see a higher chance of me packing on some extra pounds at the end of this ordeal. @_@

And now, I really really want a big plate of hot-off-the-wok char kuey teow!

8 left a petal:

sdovelly said...

*Envyyyyyx1000000000*!!!!! If i have a diet like yours, i'd probably can't see my toes now! Btw, have you try anlene yogurt b4?

Doreen said... not a fan of ice-cream, I only crave for them like once in a blue moon. Too sweet, too cold. Hehehehe. Glad to see you enjoying yourself though. Get well soon.

emotionalistic said...

LOL. Looks like an ice-cream buffet to me :P. How long did you take yo finish all that?

iamthewitch said...

Haha I'm so jealous! I tried Bud's ice-cream before, it wasn't good at all! That was the first and last time. Anyway, swollen teeth doesn't mean that you can't exercise. *hint* LOL!

Che-Cheh said...

I say good life! Hahahaha

Josephine said...

i like yogurt...
yummy... yummy...

MisSmall said...

Sdovelly: I used to be able to eat a whole pint of ice cream all by myself and not gain a pound. Now whatever that I eat, goes straight to my hips and thighs. *Sighs*

Doreen: I normally have a sweet tooth, but I also need a variety in my food. I have such a strong craving for savoury solid food now it's not funny. :(

Emotionalistic: Umm...2 days, I think? :p

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: I remember Bud's Ice Cream used to be pretty good some years ago. Wonder what happened, or did I just remember wrongly? :/

I don't even exercise normally, let alone when I have a face the size of a pumpkin. Haha.

Che-Cheh: I say fatty fatty boom boom. :p

Josephine: I like a big plate of mee maggie goreng ayam now! :(