Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Love At First Whiff - Chloé EDP

I wasn't sure if it was love, but it was definitely lust at first whiff.

A strong and passionate lust that is so intense that you've just got to have it.

Yes, people, I'm talking about my new found scent - Chloé EDP.

I was walking through the mall as usual when a promoter handed me a testing strip.

One whiff, and my heart instantly knew.

First introduced by Chloé in 2008, this eponymous perfume has been described as a scent to capture the creative, confident individuality of a free spirited woman with an utterly innate sense of chic and natural sexiness.

The noses behind this fragrance are Amandine Marie and Michel Almairac, who are responsible in creating a genius combination of floral powdery notes of roses, vibrant hints of peony and lychee, a subtle blend of warm amber and elegant cedarwood, delicate magnolia and lily of the valley, and the embellishment of fresh green freesia.

This eau de parfum manages to pull off the perfect balance between elegantly girly and playful edginess without being overly feminine or powdery.

It's the perfect perfume for those of us who are "not a girl, not yet a woman". *Winks*

I absolutely love the translucent and fresh, maybe even slightly flirtatious, airy head notes, which drift away becoming richer and more sensual, much like the velvety interior of roses, slowly unveiling the base notes of warm amber, honey, and elegant cedarwood to create a smooth and comforting finish.

If I needed to sum the fragrance up in one sentence, it's like smelling fresh roses and wet grass on a cold and crisp spring morning.

Another thing to love about this perfume is the super pretty bottle, a girly design which is sure to melt hearts.

The ornamental square glass bottle was inspired by the pleated sleeves on a Chloé blouse. The fluted glass and silver plated collar give just the right amount of romantic and vintage frills perfected by the finishing touch of a hand-tied ribbon.

The classic bottle carries a quiet charm, or even, a nostalgic and poetic atmosphere. It very much reminded us of the type of bottles that we used to see on mum's vanity table, only with a modern twist.

Very pearl necklace, twinsets, and ballet shoes.

I know winter has barely begun in Melbourne, but I think I'm ready for spring.

I'm in love.

5 left a petal:

Doreen said...

Oh yeah, I tested this, nice smell it has. Gucci Flora is quite nice too.

emotionalistic said...

Ya, very pretty bottle indeed. Now I feel like going shopping this Friday ;).

Lila said...

You described it so perfectly that I feel like checking out this perfume right now!:)

sdovelly said...

I'm allergy to parfum...huhu...

MisSmall said...

Doreen: I think Gucci Flora's got peony in it as well. Peonies are my favourite flowers! ^_^

Emotionalistic: Pretty, isn't it? It serves its purpose even when it's just sitting on my vanity table. Haha.

Lila: You should, right NOW! :)

Sdovell: Aww...:(