Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Little Less Wisdom

I had both of my lower wisdom teeth extracted today.

It's such a traumatising and tormenting experience that I'd never wanna go through again!

Thank God for the two tablets of midazolam I was given before the procedure and my very cute dentist, a gentle old man who looks like Geppetto sans the white moustage. Without either of them, I seriously doubt I'll be able to pull through the whole hour of agony in that horrifying dental chair.

But of course, Bee, as usual, has been my strongest fortress through this ordeal. It made a whole world of difference knowing that he was sitting in the reception area, waiting to take me home and pamper me like a spoiled child.

Pain during the actual extraction was minimal. My very sweet dentist did a really good job to make sure that I was as comfortable as possible, and to my surprise, I really was.

Apart from feeling a little disturbed by the amount of force that had to be applied to remove the teeth and the terrifying sound of the driller cutting my teeth, I experienced minimal pain and discomfort. The worst pain probably came from the multiple jabs of local anaesthetic into my gum in preparation for the extraction.

Other than that, I guess the whole process was more emotionally straining rather than physically due to the unexplainable fear for dentists and their sharp tools that seems to be embedded in all of us by default.

Towards the end of the procedure, I started dozing off and talking gibberish because the two tablets of sedative had kicked in with full force. I have no recollection what-so-ever of how I left the clinic and got home.

Bee said I actually accused him of kidnapping me in the elevator. Haha. Imagine what other crazy things I might have said to my dentist prior to that! @_@

I woke up 3-4 hours later, in the comfort of our bed, with swollen cheeks and a nagging pain. It's actually not so much of a pain rather than this annoying discomfort of constant pressure against my gums and jaw, which is suffice to prohibit me from opening my mouth fully or eating/speaking normally.

Both of my cheeks are so puffy now that Bee said I look like a chipmunk hiding a hazelnut in both sides of my mouth. *Wails*

At this stage, I guess it's safe to assume that you will be seeing a lot of me for the next few days since I ain't leaving the house looking like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks!

So this is me signing out, yours chubby-cheeks truly minus a little wisdom that she could seriously do without.

Goodnight, peeps!

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Che-Cheh said...

Dentist are not scary. Their tools are! Hahaha

Btw why do you need to extract your wisdom teeth?

emotionalistic said...

Oh...the jabs and those long needles O_O. I'd gone through that too when i had my teeth extracted for braces. And yes, my cheek was swollen too but subsided few hours later with lots of help from the ice-bag. I believe your cheeks should be fine by now :).

renaye said...

aiya. my dentist once told me that i needed at least another 3 more surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. but luckily one of them don't hurt my jaw anymore... and it seems the other two seems quiet.. so hopefully no surgery for me. the last time i have surgery i could not eat and drink properly for a week.

sdovelly said...

Urrghhh...sound traumatic!!! Should not take solid food for time being i suppose?

MisSmall said...

Che-Cheh: I guess I just thought I'd get rid of them before they start giving me problems?

Mine have been rather good so far and haven't been much of a problem, but since they are of no practical use and it's been said that keeping them around is like having a ticking time bomb in the mouth, I just felt like getting it over and done with. :)

MisSmall said...

Emotionalistic: I've never had any swelling from all my previous teeth extraction, so this is a first for me.

My cheeks are still pretty badly swollen now. I've been told that the swelling and discomfort could last up to a week or even longer. :(

MisSmall said...

Renaye: Three surgeries?! Hmm, that's weird. Most dentists these days would advise you to have all of them removed in one setting to avoid going through the daunting experience again. Or at least two of the same side at once, so you could still eat with the other side.

Almost all my friends chose to have all four (sometimes three) removed at the same time. It's simply too scary to do it all over again. *Shivers*

MisSmall said...

Sdovelly: Yeap I'm on a soft diet, which is a torture. I miss REAL food!! :(

Lila said...

I am also thinking abt having my wisdom teeth removed, but scared of the pain. My fren suffered for weeks after her surgery, had to apply leave frm work. How much did your dentist charge you for the two wisdom teeth removal?

MisSmall said...

Lila: WEEKS?! That's absolutely unacceptable! I was prepared to bear with this for a week, but anything more than that is seriously pushing it!

As if I had a say over how long the symptoms are gonna last huh? :|

I think we paid around RM1.5K for my extraction? I was told that it's considered pretty expensive for local standards, but it's much cheaper compared to if I had the procedure done in Melbourne, so.....*Shrugs*

xin said...

goshhhh! extracting tooth is seriously the last thing i want to do =/ few weeks back i had some serious toothache at the wisdom area, then the dentist said the tooth is growing underneath the gum due to insufficient space, and he will have to cut it into pcs to extract the tooth out. OH NOOOO! i am not going to do anything to it. i rather live with the pain

MisSmall said...

Xin: I understand how you feel, hun, but I still think you should have that tooth checked again and consider having it taken out if it's gonna cost problems down the road. An untreated wisdom tooth could cause far more serious problems than just pain.

My lower right wisdom tooth had to be cut into pieces as well because it had a crooked root. It's terrifying, yes, but it's better than leaving a ticking time bomb in your mouth. Besides, the younger and earlier you have the extraction, the easier it is. So think about it yeah? :)