Saturday, May 26, 2012


My second week back to work.

Well, technically speaking, the fourth day.

On the way home today, I was thinking to myself, I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks.

Then again, there is still two-third of the way to go, and that's 4 more weeks (even though it's only 8 working days in total).

A whole month! I seriously doubt if I can go through with it.

My health still isn't the best, and I get tired way too easily. Some days aren't too bad, but on most days, I really struggle.

I mean, I still get excited and enthusiastic about work during the day, but it's difficult to be all chirpy and cheerful when you feel so lethargic and shitty like a flat tyre that has all the air sucked out from underneath you.

And the hardest part is definitely gotta be having to wake up early on freezing cold mornings. Or any sort of morning, for that matter.

When I was coaxed into taking the job, I comforted myself by thinking that maybe I should just see it as some extra cash which can be used to help fuel my shopaholic habits.

What I didn't know is, it seems like I'm suffering from shopper's block at the moment.

I honestly haven't had a serious must-have item that tugs my heart strings for a long time.

(Except those two unattainable stunningly oh-so-beautiful Harry Winston rings in Gossip Girl.)

Even with all these current and upcoming mid-year or end-of-season sale, I'm not the least bit tempted to shop. I'm too tired to even look, I kid you not!

Yes, me! No urge to shop! Told ya I'm unwell!

And you know that something is clearly wrong with you when even your mum and husband starts encouraging you to shop or "to buy something to make you happy".

Anyway, I hope I get my mojo back soon.

(Not sure if that is gonna be a good thing or a bad thing though.)

Otherwise, I might just go ahead and get the Celine Trapeze for the sake of all the raves.

Either way, something is going into that shopping bag.

And now the only question remains, what is it gonna be?

Oh well, I guess I'll figure that out.

Sooner or later.

It's my nature talent!

A girl's gotta know how to reward herself, yes? :)