Monday, August 10, 2009


I dreamt of myself last night.

Or rather, the person I once was. Just a few years ago.

Someone who has faith and hope. In things, in people, and in herself.

Someone who is full of life and has the whole world going for her.

Someone who believes that life is a matter of your own choices.

Someone who is strong and doesn't admit defeat easily.

Someone who believes that she can do anything she puts her heart and mind into.

Someone who is young, vibrant, and colourful. Inspiring, even.

Someone who, no matter how bad things get, always manages to see the good in everyone and everything.

Someone who believes.

My fear is, I might never be her again.

The girl who wears flowers in her hair and dances around the field.

The girl who smiles just because she's happy.

I'm afraid I might never be me again.