Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's my first day to come off the antidepressant.

(Okay, that sounded more severe than it actually is because, afterall, I've only been on it for a week.)

The unpleasant side effects still haven't gone away, which is a little concerning even though it wasn't realistic to expect them to.

The only consolation is probably that the chest pain and palpitations have become a little less intense. I think.

Instead of feeling that someone is constantly throwing heavy punches right where my heart is, it now feels more like someone had punched me 2 days ago and there is a bruise on my left chest. *Shrugs*

But the urination hesitation and insomnia are driving me mental. I keep waking up every few hours into sleep, even with a higher dose of Stilnox than what I normally take.

And as cherry on top of the icing, the sensitivity to lights seems to worsen that now I can't even look at my laptop screen directly and the down lights in my room are hurting my eyes.

(Which consequently led me to discover that Ubuntu doesn't allow you to adjust the brightness of your LCD screen. Well, at least mine doesn't. How stupid. *Rolls eyes*)

Then a headache kicked in.

As I have to take some pain killers and turn off all the lights to lie down in a dark room, as funny as it sounds, I'm actually hoping that I'm having a migraine.

At least that would explain the photophobia, which is really starting to worry me.

At least then I know that if I get through the headache, I won't have to squint at the slightest lights anymore.

At least that would mean that there's nothing seriously wrong with my eyes.

So I guess I'm gonna go lie down now and start wishing that this is, indeed, a migraine.

Oh let it be a migraine!