Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Barely a week into the treatment, I have to be taken off the antidepressant because I was experiencing some serious side effects.

Rapid and intense heart palpitations. Urination hesitation. Sensitivity to lights. Myoclonus. Insomnia. Clenching of teeth during sleep. Fatigue. Dizziness. Loss of appetite. Increased sweating. Anxiety. Headache.

You name it, I've got it.

The side effects that I experienced stretch further than the list of adverse effects provided by the manufacturer, and beyond.

Funny thing is, I didn't experience the least bit of the most usual side effect - nausea, but only the really uncommon ones.

Guess there really is something about my body that works differently from normal human beings. :|

I was really hoping that the unwanted effects are something that would eventually settle down when my body has adjusted itself to the medication because I was really counting on it to work, but things got really bad when I started to develop an unusual chest pain and my left arm felt weak.

I think I began to freak out on Monday night when the pain continued to intensify as though someone had thrown a heavy punch right where my heart is, and there was a slight burning sensation in my left chest.

I immediately scheduled an appointment with my GP today, during which we both agreed that it just wasn't the right drug for me since it was doing more harm than good.

So of course, it isn't a wise thing to continue taking it, and it has to be stopped right away.

But since I've taken my morning dose (anyway), I'm still currently having this worrying pain in my left chest, alongside with the other unpleasant side effects.

For now, I can only wait and see if the symptoms subside upon ceasing the medication.

Oh what a joy ride!