Monday, February 07, 2011


Today, I decided to take tai-tai-hood out of the storage for a test drive.

Or should we say, a re-run.

(Tai Tai by definition, is a privileged lady of means.)

So I got all dolled up with a new dress fresh out of its unopened shopping bag and a pair of gorgeous new heels, went for a wash and blow dry which left my hair all shiny and silky smooth, had long lunch with husband at trendy cafe, then followed by an afternoon of jewellery shopping by dumping some serious bling on bling-blings.

To say the least, I took to the lifestyle like a fish to water. It's practically my natural habitat!

Which kinda made me wondered why did I, in the first place, even choose to leave it all behind in Malaysia 2 years ago and returned to Melbourne. To slave myself in a job that makes me so miserable I want to stab someone everyday?

Oh yes, it's because I used to love what I do for a living. Hmm. *Note the sarcasm*

But it was probably because I have been out of practice for too long, the lifestyle as a lady of leisure left me with unspeakable guilt afterwards.

Only about the jewellery shopping part though, which I'm beginning to think I overdid it a little.

In the span of less than an hour, I picked out nearly 30 pairs of earrings and 3 brooches!

Well, most of them are only of semi-precious stones, if that makes it any better.

The sales lady was really nice, and as you all now, I'm a sucker for good customer service, hence the inability to say no to whatever she took out from the shiny glass cabinet.

(Bee in the background, "She ought to be nice, you nearly bought the whole shop! It was probably her biggest sale in a single transaction for the month!")

But mainly because yours truly suffer from OCD when it comes to shopping.

Among my circle of friends, I'm known as the girl who specialises in bulk-buying. The honourable title came after the time when I bought 10 pair of shoes in one seating.

(Wait till they hear about my most recent blow-out!)

I'm never able to stop at just one item. I'm like Pringles, once I start, I can't stop! It's getting to a point that is seriously worrying me and, not to mention, my bank account.

It's a disease, really. I think I need to be institutionalised.

But I guess my spending bonanza could be justified by blaming it on a rather disappointing appointment that I had earlier on today, which kind of left me feeling like a complete idiot afterwards and kicking myself in the face for saying some of the things I have said.

In an emotionally vulnerable and fragile state, I let go of my self-inhibition (if I had any to start with, that is) and used lots of sparkles to mask my humiliation.

You know what they say, nothing beats retail therapy!

So tonight, as I'm obsessing and over-analysing in my head every single little things that I did wrong or didn't do, at least I have some new shiny things to look at.

Now I only have to find (in other words, create) some occasions to wear them.

Which I believe is part of the job description, as a professional tai-tai.

And so far, the role fits like a glove.