Saturday, February 05, 2011


It started raining really heavily around 7.30pm last night.

Sure it was nothing compared to the Cyclone Yasi in Queensland, but a pretty bad storm nonetheless. The palm tree at my outdoor deck was swaying like crazy in the strong wind.

And about 15 minutes later, things got worse.

The ceiling in our family room started leaking water again!!

This time, all over my overpriced sofa, Marcus.

To say the least, I freaked out. There was water dripping (or more like, splashing) from the ceiling onto my brand new leather sofa that retails for 5 figures Oz dollars!

I was frozen for a brief moment, for my brain to comprehend what was actually happening in front of my eyes. Then Bee and I started frantically trying to find things to protect the sofa.

I guess it's a good thing that we haven't thrown out the original wrappings and paddings that came with the sofa. Laziness does pay off sometimes. :p

We covered the sofa with a layer of the plastic wrappings first, and then reinforced it with some absorbing fabrics we can find around the house (eg. large beach towels, bath robes, etc.) on top.

Bee immediately called the French tradesman, J*, who was supposed to thoroughly examine the whole roof and fix up any possible leaks for us but haven't gotten back to us since Bee first met with him in December.

Apparently, J* has been out of action for the past month or so because his son is undergoing eye surgery in the hospital and he himself is having some sort of health problems as well. But he assured Bee that he hasn't forgotten about us, and will get in touch with us as soon as he's back to work, hopefully in 1-2 weeks time.

Well, you can't really blame someone for being sick, so I guess we are gonna have to wait till him and his son's health conditions improve. What are you gonna do huh? *Shrugs*

The weather forecast predicts more rainy days ahead and more chaos to come. So far, there already has been flash flooding, fallen trees, power outage, damaged buildings and storms wreaked havoc across the state.

According to the weather bureau, Victoria recorded the highest daily rainfall total ever overnight. Around 150-200 millimetres of rain and wind gusts of over 130 kilometers per hour.

*Sighs* We can only hope and pray that the weather improves soon so the damage and destruction can be minimised.

Till then, many of us might have to sleep with one eye open. :|

Oh how I wish someone could hold a giant umbrella over our home to shield our house from this madness and crazy weather!