Friday, November 04, 2005

Chicken or Tuna?

I'll stop whining for now and start writing about something with substance.

I'm gonna talk about what I'll wear for my Board exam. Ha!

Well, I figure that if I'm going to be the only loser who fails the exam, then at least I want to be an attractive loser.

I normally look like a druggie in the back alley when I go for exams, wearing my grungy old jeans and jumper with completely no make up on. Not forgetting the eye bags and dark circles and stress-induced breakouts. Nobody goes to exam hall to check out chicks or to be checked out anyway. We all have bigger problems to worry about, don't we?

Well, things are different this time. One is hoping to score a few brownie points by looking sharp. Think they'll look past the fact that I'm a complete airhead who poses great danger to the wellbeing of general public if they happen to like my accessories? Haha.

I think not. But it can't hurt ey? :P

Well, I'm gonna wear my little black dress from Cue with my oh-so-cute grey cropped jacket and my favourite white beads necklace. (Bee is gonna disagree as he thinks all cropped jackets look weird.) Oh, and my gorgeous metallic gold heels.

A girlfriend asked me to wear dangling big earrings because apparently it distracts people's attention and they lose focus. She said it always worked for her presentations and her lecturers just somehow wouldn't threw as many questions at her whenever she did.

Tricks we girls have up our sleeves never cease to amaze me. No other supporting evidence is available for the suggestion mentioned above, so I guess I'll try it out. All in the name of research. Haha.

Oh I'm so dead.

Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish?
I know it's tuna, but it says 'Chicken by the Sea'.
~ Jessica Simpson (Newlyweds)