Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Week After

It's been a tiring week.

Maybe it's because my body has yet to adjust itself back to the working schedule. I found myself dozing off on the couch every night even before the 10.30pm news. :/

Let's sum up the week.

I'm feeling much better already. My PMS is gone and now I can finally see the whole situation clearly without being clouded by those crazy hormones. So no more crying in the middle of the night or throwing tantrums for no reason at all.

Being a girl can be quite a pain sometime. (Yes Bee, being the girl's boyfriend can be an even bigger pain. :P )

I called the Board on Monday and spoke to the registrar. We've established that it's not compulsory for me to do another three months of supervised practice at a different work place before the next Board exam (though they strongly recommend so, for my own good).

The date of the next exam hasn't been decided yet, but it should be somewhere around end of January or early February. So I guess I'm staying back to take another shot.

Six more weeks at my current workplace and I'll be out of the evil claws of my current employer. I'll see where I go from there. I might volunteer to work few days a week at a different place or I might just sit around at home and wait for the next big day.

Do you know what this means?

It means that there wont be Chinese New Year at home for me this year, AGAIN. It means that I won't be celebrating Christmas, New Year, our 2-year anniversary and Valentine's Day with Bee. It means that I won't be home for at least another 3 months. It means that I won't get to see my cute boyfriend for at least another 3 months. It means that I have to put all other plans on hold for at least another 3 months.

The sweet boy offered to fly in to Melbourne to spend Christmas and New Year with me. As tempting as it sounds, it might not be a good idea.

I know I won't be able to concentrate or sit down to study with him around. Then I'll have to go through the emotional roller coaster to get used to not having him around once again when he leaves, and that won't be a nice feeling when I have to study for the Board exam.

Having said that, I also miss him dearly and I want to see him desperately. It sucks to not be able to spend more time with him and celebrate every single special occasions together.

Most friends in Melbourne are going home for Chinese New Year, which means I'll be all alone around my exam period. Another thing that's gonna suck big time.

But like what everyone's been saying to me, "Think of all those years we spent in uni, what's another 3 months huh?"

True. What's another 3 months huh?

When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. They say.

I'll be fine.