Monday, November 07, 2005

Countdown: 24 Painful Hours Left

Dad thinks nothing of this exam. He said, "You graduated already wat. This exam is no big deal lar. Don't want to sit then come back lor. Even better. Get registered there for what?"

Mum softened after I sobbed on the phone and sounded really distressed. She said, "Okay okay, don't want to sit then no need to sit. Sleep early tonight, go out and eat something nice tomorrow, finish off whatever you have to do in Melbourne, then pack up and come home. I cook your favourite food everyday, okay?"

Brothers (in background) said, "Ask jie jie (translation: sis aka me) to remember to bring Christmas presents back."

Bee, being the sweetest boyfriend that he is, would never want me to do anything that makes me any less than a happy princess.

Now, if only I can convince myself that I won't look back someday and regret not sitting for the exam.