Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Dead Woman Talking

I'm blogging now because my cab is arriving in 15 minutes and I can't sit still.

I didn't wear whatever I said I'll wear. After a totally sleepless night, I felt like I couldn't breath in that little black dress of mine.

Besides, I'm not feeling so hot either. In fact, I feel dead.

Couldn't sleep all night, couldn't study either. And now, my brain is totally dead. I can't remember anything at all, even things I used to know.

My eyes are sore and tired and dry. So I'll have to wear my nerdy glasses.

I tied my hair into a ponytail because letting it down, again, makes me feel like I couldn't breath.

I'm in my skinny jeans, a black top, and a cropped jacket. I look like I'm going grocery shopping instead of sitting for a professional exam. But hell, they didn't exactly mention what we have to wear anyway. (I just checked the letter to make sure.)

Did I mention that I feel like throwing up? No, correction. I have been throwing up and still feel like it.

I feel so sick. I feel like a zombie. I can't feel my head. My eyes are gonna pop out any moment. Every single nerve of my body is hurting.

I'm fucked. (Not the good kind.)