Monday, June 23, 2008

The Body Shop Olive Bodycare Range - Introduction

I'm so in love with the Olive bodycare range by The Body Shop!

I went through a phase of papaya craze in 2006/07 after receiving a Papaya Body Scrub in the TBS gift pack Bee got me. The sweet fruity scent (and I'm not normally a big fan of sweet scents) got me completely hooked that I proceeded to purchase their whole Papaya bodycare range.

I still adore the Papaya range very much, but I decided it's time to try something new.

And I found it, my new favourite bath and body range from Body Shop - Olive!

The Olive bodycare range is meant for normal to dry skin. I don't really have dry skin, but I couldn't care less since I'm madly in love with the brisk green scent.

According to TBS, the organic olive oil used in their Olive range comes from an area in Southern Italy that has produced olives since the Middle Ages. It's part of their Community Trade program to cut out the middle man in order to maximise the profits of local small-scale farmers.

"The Nuovo Cilento Co-operative formed as a result of people abandoning the land to seek work elsewhere. In a remarkable story of success over adversity, the co-operative has gone from strength to strength, cutting out the middle man to sell their organically produced olive oil directly, maximizing their profit and so preserving their traditional way of life. Every product you buy containing Community Traded olive oil further helps the community and local environment." ~ TBS

Sounds good to me, I'm all for the little people! And of course, it's even better since it's organic.

So I'll be doing a series of reviews on this range of body products.

I'm not an expert at reviewing products, I have to say. In fact, I'm pretty bad at it since I never know what is good and what is bad, especially with beauty products - both skincare and cosmetics.

This is more like sharing something that I really like and hopefully, my readers (all the two of you, haha.) will find it, somehow, helpful.

Stay tuned, gals. :)

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fuzkittie said...

Hi MisSmall! :]
Just wanna say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving wonderful comments!

I see that you have a very interesting blog here~ :]

emotionalistic said...

Their olive glossing shampoo is also a great product :).

Doreen said...

I have tried the olive body butter once on the back of my hand (in the shop). It did made my skin feel nice and soft. I love the scent too but don't know why i didn't buy in the end.

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: No worries, gal. Thanks for coming by too. :)

Emotionalistic: Yeah? I've never tried out any hair products from TBS. I have really problematic hair - oily roots and dry tips! :/

Doreen: Oh it smells absolutely divine, girl. But better check with your hubby though, olive scent is not everyone's cuppa tea. :D