Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One Healthy Bee and One Sickly Bee

Went to collect my blood test results from the annoying GP in Box Hill today.

Everything is normal, thank God. That ought to shut Bee up for a while, he's constantly nagging me about eating healthy and already has a strict diet planned out for me as soon as we get back to KL. x_x

We were gonna have a small farewell lunch for me in Mornington with X* and J*, but since sickly Bee is still resting in bed, I went by a pharmacy to pick up some Ensure Plus for him instead. And the healthy Bee gets to have Maccas for lunch! Woot.

More packing for the rest of the afternoon, I'm actually making significant progress. *Self pats on back*

I guess we'll be leaving as planned afterall, since Bee's starting to feel better.

Suddenly the gloomy weather and chilly wind of Oz winter doesn't seem so bad at all.

Oh would you miss me too, Melbourne?