Sunday, June 01, 2008

Ebay Virgin

And if that is not shocking enough, I don't shop online either.

(Okay, enough disapproving stares, people.)

I'm an old school shopper, who prefers hands on shopping. So bite me. :D

But with the guidance of a very experienced ebayer - aka my Bee, and my desperate need to clear up some space, this ebay virgin has decided to come out and play.

I'm auctioning off some big pieces of furniture and electrical from my old apartment. They've been sitting in storage for the past year since I moved in with Dorothy and Susan. Now that I have even more boxes to store in the garage, they simply have to go.

I'm a hoarder. I hold on to everything that comes my way simply because of their "sentimental values". As a result, the truckload of junk that came to Melbourne with me has only increased in its size over the years. Most of them haven't even been un-boxed for the past few years due to space limitations and are of very little practical use, but just knowing that they're there, gives me comfort.

It was only after constant persuasion from Bee that I agreed to let these 4 pieces go. Reluctantly, might I add.

Here's hoping they'll be going to a good home. *Sighs*

Edit: All the four items were sold at a reasonable (note: not great) price, just in time to contribute towards my trip to LV next week. Momma needs a new bag, baby!

All in all, I guess my first ebay experience was a rather pleasant one. It was definitely fun jumping outta bed every morning in excitement to check on the auctions. Bee thought it was hilarious that I check them every few minutes, but I guess he wouldn't be laughing anymore if I really got hooked on online shopping from now on, huh sweetie? Hehe.