Sunday, June 08, 2008

Zits Be Gone!

So today I finally dragged my lazy ass outta bed and changed outta Bee's oversized tee-shirt (the same one that I've been wearing since we got back and is starting to smell a little, Haha!) to get myself a facial at Leonard Drake.

My skin's condition is unspeakable! I can't even bear to look at myself in the mirror, and no amount of concealer can hide the break-outs anymore.

Stress due to the frantic last-minute packing? Weather change? That time of the month? I don't know, and quite honestly, don't care! I only want some miracles to happen so they can all go away.

Given that my stay in Malaysia this time round is prolly gonna be an extended one, I bought myself a facial package in hope that I'll be more motivated to go regularly. Otherwise, it's another RM2k down the drain.

After my facial appointment, Bee and I got into a mini fight because he was late to pick me up. With no mobile phone with me and no keys to go home by myself, I was fuming while waiting for him and couldn't help but lashed out when he finally showed up 30 minutes late.

Maybe it is PMS afterall? :/